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Options Trading: Writing Cash-Secured Puts

Cash-secured put options are similar to ‘limit buy’ orders in that they potentially allow you to acquire a stock at a later date at a price below the current market value.  The main advantage of writing cash-secured puts instead of … Continue reading

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Options Trading: Writing Covered Calls

One of the reasons I like investing in dividend stocks is that I feel that they are inherently less risky than non-dividend paying stocks.  Each time a dividend is received, a small gain on your invested capital is ‘locked in’.  … Continue reading

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Stock Options Overview

Options trading is regarded by many as a high-risk, high-reward investing strategy that can make or break fortunes almost overnight.  However, in my opinion, options are one of the most useful, misunderstood investment instruments for long-term buy-and-hold investors.  By adopting … Continue reading

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