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JNJ Technical Analysis

In my previous posts I have examined various fundamental and valuation metrics for Johnson & Johnson using historical data over a 10-year time span. From these analyses, JNJ was awarded 3 of 3 stars in the fundamentals section for having … Continue reading

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JNJ Valuation

In my previous post, I examined the historical performance of Johnson & Johnson using various fundamental analysis metrics. Based on these calculations, JNJ was awarded 3 of 3 stars in the fundamentals category for having an average RoE of greater … Continue reading


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Down to Business ā€“ JNJ Fundamental Analysis

To get this blog started on the right foot, Iā€™m going to postpone some planned discussion and get right to the heart of the matter; analyzing potential stocks for investment. As I am interested primarily in dividend growth stocks in … Continue reading

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Welcome to! This site will be a place where I will be discussing my long-term investing strategies, all of which will hopefully generate exceptional long-term results and a significant annual income stream. Most of the time, I will be … Continue reading

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