Welcome to EngineeringIncome.com! This site will be a place where I will be discussing my long-term investing strategies, all of which will hopefully generate exceptional long-term results and a significant annual income stream. Most of the time, I will be focused on discussing and analyzing dividend growth stocks; however, other topics such as value investing, fixed income investing, and options investing strategies will be covered from time to time.

Before getting started on discussing investments, a bit of history about myself. I am recently married, in my late twenties, live in Canada, and work full-time as a mechanical engineer.  As a Canadian, my domestic stock exchange is the TSX. However, as many good companies are listed only on U.S. exchanges, I will be looking at both Canadian and U.S. Stocks. For reference, I do not hedge any of my U.S. dollar holdings and have no plans to into the future, though that is a post for another time.

To end my first post, I’ll leave you with my investing goals which will guide the discussion on this site: To generate a long-term annual rate of return greater than the TSX Composite Index through investing primarily in undervalued dividend growth companies while using options strategies to reduce volatility and increase my annual income stream.

Until next time,
Nathan @ EngineeringIncome.com

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