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Berkshire Hathaway

Though I am working on a few posts with some more substantial valuations and thoughts of my own, I haven’t managed to get them done yet so I’ve decided to give a quick recap of what I think is one … Continue reading

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Solitron Devices

As one of the highest quality net-net investments in the US market, I was going to write an analysis of Solitron as part of my due diligence prior to initiating a position.  As it would have it, someone else beat … Continue reading

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CSS Industries Analysis

Even though it’s been awhile since my last post, I haven’t forgotten about the blog or investing in general.  For those of you so inclined, my most recent analysis of CSS Industries has been published on Gurufocus as an entry … Continue reading

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Micro-Cap Investing is for Me!

A few posts ago, I put up an analysis of Crystal Rock Holdings where I mentioned that it is a micro-cap stock.  What this means is that the total market value of all of the outstanding common shares at the … Continue reading

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Show Me the Money

In almost every stock analysis, the reported (or projected) earnings per share is referenced as a proxy for how well the company is performing or is expected to perform.  However, after reading through a number of company’s annual reports and … Continue reading

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Stock Valuation – Crystal Rock

In researching stocks that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value, I read a fair number of blogs and investing forums from time to time.  One of the stocks that was briefly discussed on a forum I frequent … Continue reading

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As a relative newcomer to the incredibly diverse field of investing, the sheer amount of information available can be overwhelming at times.  With no formal training in investing or finance, it has taken me awhile to gain exposure to many … Continue reading

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Options Trading: Writing Cash-Secured Puts

Cash-secured put options are similar to ‘limit buy’ orders in that they potentially allow you to acquire a stock at a later date at a price below the current market value.  The main advantage of writing cash-secured puts instead of … Continue reading

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Options Trading: Writing Covered Calls

One of the reasons I like investing in dividend stocks is that I feel that they are inherently less risky than non-dividend paying stocks.  Each time a dividend is received, a small gain on your invested capital is ‘locked in’.  … Continue reading

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Stock Options Overview

Options trading is regarded by many as a high-risk, high-reward investing strategy that can make or break fortunes almost overnight.  However, in my opinion, options are one of the most useful, misunderstood investment instruments for long-term buy-and-hold investors.  By adopting … Continue reading

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