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Let’s get that Snowball Rolling…

Last time I talked about compound interest and how time and the rate of return were able to supercharge the effects of compounding.   Time in the market is something that can’t really be controlled as there’s only so many years … Continue reading

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It just takes a little snowball to start an avalanche…

So I’ve decided to take a break with the discussion on stocks and investing styles and the like with this post.  Instead I’m going to talk about the 8th Wonder of the World (as Einstein famously noted), compound interest. Compounding … Continue reading

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Being Prepared

So the Scouts had it right after all.  After all the craziness in the markets over the last few weeks, the importance of being prepared becomes all the more evident.  Whether this means having an appropriate asset allocation, cash to … Continue reading

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Berkshire Hathaway

Though I am working on a few posts with some more substantial valuations and thoughts of my own, I haven’t managed to get them done yet so I’ve decided to give a quick recap of what I think is one … Continue reading

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Solitron Devices

As one of the highest quality net-net investments in the US market, I was going to write an analysis of Solitron as part of my due diligence prior to initiating a position.  As it would have it, someone else beat … Continue reading

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CSS Industries Analysis

Even though it’s been awhile since my last post, I haven’t forgotten about the blog or investing in general.  For those of you so inclined, my most recent analysis of CSS Industries has been published on Gurufocus as an entry … Continue reading

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Micro-Cap Investing is for Me!

A few posts ago, I put up an analysis of Crystal Rock Holdings where I mentioned that it is a micro-cap stock.  What this means is that the total market value of all of the outstanding common shares at the … Continue reading

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